beckup-kak-sdelatWhat is backup (backup) and why is it needed?

Backup – from (English. backup) backup, it is very necessary and very important. We strongly recommend all our clients and visitors to our website to do this.. Backup – this is an ordinary copy of your documents, photos, etc. to an external dedicated carrier, for example hard drive. This is necessary so that in case of a breakdown of your laptop or computer, and especially if a hard disk breaks in it, you have a copy of everything you need, important and expensive.

How often to back up (backup)?

It is advisable to make a backup copy at least 1 once a week and also do it right away in cases when you have important and valuable information and even in a single copy. In order to make a copy, you do not need any special programs, you can simply copy files and folders to disk.

Much better to make a backup?

For these purposes, we recommend purchasing an external hard drive that you will not carry with you., you will always have it in a safe place there, where moisture will not get on it, there will be no high temperature – for example in direct sunlight, static electricity and magnets. It is advisable to buy a hard disk of the same volume or more than the one in your laptop.

Cloud backup technology

Partial copies of information can be made on services such as Google Drive, or Yandex disk. There is a limit on the size of the loaded volumes 10-15 Gb, but then everything is free. Save your most important photos and memories to “cloud”.

For advanced users and experienced specialists, there are special backup programs for example Acronis. Why do you need to use the program, if you can just copy from one hard drive to the second? The thing is, what can be done резервную копию Windows and all installed programs and keep until then, until the current Windows flies. Просто использовав эту программу и сохраненный ранее бэкап локального диска где был установлен windows и программами вы за пару минут восстанавливаете операционную систему. Если для Вас эта информация актуальна, in the comments you can ask to write an article how exactly all this happens, we will do it.