why does the laptop not turn onFirst you need to understand how it does not turn on for you, there is 3 highlights:

1) Press the power button, light bulbs (LEDs) on the laptop start to glow, an image appears on a laptop but nothing happens further

2) Press the power button, light bulbs (LEDs) on the laptop start to glow, there is no image on the screen and nothing is happening

3) Press the power button, light bulbs (LEDs) the laptop does not light up and there is no image on the screen

If you have light bulbs (LEDs) on the laptop start to glow, an image appears on the screen and then nothing happens. In this case, it is possible 2 the most common malfunctions.

  • Flew (out of order) operating system (Windows, Mac OS X). This problem is solved by reinstalling the operating system. (Windows, Mac OS X). We draw your attention to the fact that on the hard disk where the operating system is installed there is your information and if it is important for you it is better to make sure that it will not be deleted.
  • This option is even less pleasant since the hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced.. Hard drives break for various reasons, but mostly from shakes, bumps and falls of the laptop.

If you have light bulbs (LEDs) on the laptop they start to glow but there is no image on the screen

The matrix is ​​broken – there is no image but you can hear the welcome sound of the operating system if you, of course, have the sound turned on. If you have a bright flashlight at hand – you can shine on the screen almost point-blank and try to see the image there (program icons, Pictures). If you can see the image – then the backlight disappeared and the screen needs to be replaced (matrices) in laptop. You could not see at least something – in this case, the laptop matrix is ​​also faulty and needs to be replaced.

But as practice shows, this is a rare cause of breakdown.. In most laptops, the video card is soldered to the motherboard., that is, this is a chip on the board. The video card is soldered (remove the chip) and solder (establish) new video card (chip). This procedure is quite complicated and requires not only special equipment but also experience., knowledge.

Beware of warming up your boards with a hairdryer

Beware of thermal shock. Be careful and do not give your laptop to a service that does not inspire confidence, as there are hackers, not experienced, or ignorant "experts" who can only make it worse or simply deceive you to warm up (thermal shock) video card and tell you that it was replaced and take the full amount for the repair. And by itself, warming up the video card does not solve the problem, because this is a temporary effect and after such a "repair" it is impossible to guarantee a stable, reliable and long-term work.

How, then, can you avoid fraud or forgery?? Before agreeing to a replacement, you can ask to tell you the marking of the chip (video card) and write it down, and after completion, ask you to give the faulty chip (video card). Of course, this method will not save you on 100% from deceivers, but so you will be calmer and those who will perform, possibly, will be more responsible.

When you press the power button, the light on the laptop does not glow

When you press the button to turn on the light (LEDs) the laptop does not light up and there is no image on the screen. In such situations, there are a lot of variations that could fail and it is difficult to describe it., can be distinguished 3 most popular reasons:

  • The socket is faulty in the laptop (port) nutrition (charging) laptop
  • Burned out motherboard
  • Power supply defective (charging)