The best way to mentally prepare for sales in 2020 year is to start from scratch. Forget about right now, what has already been achieved or, opposite, failed, and throw away all the baggage of disappointments, accumulated for 2019 year. Imagine, that you start from scratch, and think about, how to rebuild a promotion strategy. This is really a key question..

Small businesses usually have limited resources (finances and time), therefore the emphasis is on the value and essence of the product. Many small companies so far only go around marketing in circles., trying to do something about the little things, although it's better to do one thing, but very good. Try to avoid a similar trap next year..

Business trend analysis, their possible integration into your promotion

When in doubt, what is "one thing, which needs to be done well ", then understand by this phrase an emphasis on promising business trends (eg, development of sales paths and / or e-commerce). so, what to consider?

• Such goals, as brand awareness, customer engagement, plus building a reputation is all very good, but for small companies it will be an expensive overkill, especially, if their business does not bring huge profits.
• The goals of a small business can be clearly delineated, if you realize, what are you waiting for in the end, and also analyze, how and to what extent you can integrate promising business trends into your ready-made promotion strategy.
• Promotional campaigns can be continuously revised and improved in the process by researching and testing prices, proposals, filling the website, distribution channels, feedback - total, what do you think is necessary and essential.

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Planning marketing activities for 2020

Review your strategy, as well as past and current campaigns, asking yourself questions:

Social media - it's fun and interesting, but the return in terms of income is small. Should I leave everything, as it is, or it is worth changing the content to more productively identify potential customers and promote e-commerce? Do I need to periodically launch Twitter-only promotions?, to see, will they work?
Our SEO campaign attracted traffic, but we have very few clients, coming through the site. Is it worth repeating your keyword research and identifying words with high conversion potential? (let's say, longtail keywords)?
Our email campaign positively received by subscribers, because it contained a lot of really useful information. How to improve this campaign, to entice subscribers with more "tasty" offers?

You will need the answers to meticulously develop your tactics in order to generate interest from customers.. Also exclude actions from the strategy, not justifying themselves and not bringing the expected results. Quarterly reviews and evaluations are also very important.. Feel free to experiment and test new approaches, but do not leave them in "autopilot" mode for a long time, what could lead to an accident.

The final touches for your strategy on 2020 year

Do not forget to check the work of such simple, but very important functional details:

• Check, how the website submit form and phone inquiries are tracked, and how smoothly all communication channels work in both directions in general.
• Think, how to weed out potential customers from just visitors; this process can be called "client validation". for example, half of completed online forms (for registration or information) are spam or service requests, and not the interest of potential buyers. If you don't sort them, lump it all together, then when you see the volume of messages received, you will have the illusion of a good return from the campaign.
• Check the sequencing of the marketing steps throughout the sales process. This is especially necessary for companies with a long sales cycle.: eg, for them action, launched in January, can bring a new buyer only in October.