We sell cartridges pioneers (first time tucked, original). On our website you can find them at a low price, average price for 50-70% percent cheaper, than buying a new cartridge. For details, check with the manager or on the page of that model, which you selected in the table.

Select your model from the table:

HP 12АCanon FX-10Brother 2075Samsung SCX D4200AXerox WC 312/M15/M15iToshiba E-Studio 180/T-1820
HP 15АCanon 725Brother TN-1075Samsung SCX-4100D3Xerox 3119
HP 36АCanon E16Brother HL-L2300/2340/2360/2365Samsung MLT-D104S (d104)Xerox Phaser 3020
HP 42АCanon E-30Brother DCP-L2500/2520/2540/2560Samsung d103lXerox WC 3025
HP 49А, 49XCanon EP-27Brother MFC L-2700/2720/2740Samsung MLT-D101SXerox WC 3225
HP 78ACanon EP-32Brother TN-2335/TN-2375Samsung MLT-D111SXerox Phaser P3052
HP 92АCanon 728Brother HL-1110/1112Samsung SCX 4300Xerox Phaser 3260
HP 96A Canon 737 Brother DCP-1510/1512Samsung MLT-D116S/D116LXerox WC 3215
HP 05ACanon 719 (A, X)Brother DCP-1610/1612Samsung MLT-D1052S / ELSXerox Phaser 3200MFP
HP 85ACanon 712Brother MFC-1810/1815/1912Samsung MLT-D103S/D103LXerox Phaser 3140/3155/3160
HP 283A (83A)Canon 718 (C,M,Y,K)Brother HL-1210/1212Samsung MLT-D108S/SEEXerox Phaser 3117/3122/3124/3125
HP CF226A/XCanon 045 (C,M,Y,K)
HP M402/426Canon 046 (C,M,Y,K)
HP M175/176/177 (C,M,Y,K)
HP 1025
HP 252/277/377/477 (C,M,Y,K)
HP 180/181/280/281 (C,M,Y,K)

Answers to the questions we are most often asked:

What is the print quality?
– No different from new. They have a new toner and a new photo drum (element, responsible for print quality). Complete prophylaxis was also carried out.

How long will it last?
-For a long time. They're tucked in toner in that amount, what is recommended by the specification.

It won't ruin the printer?
– No, these are all the same original, but just refurbished cartridges. They are all tested, this guarantees their further work.

-These are reliable cartridges? I don't want to regret buying.
If problems arise, we will refund your money, or change the cartridge.

Order cartridges trailblazers, real economy and high quality!

Panasonic drum cartridge

We will call you back and advise:

    Virgin cartridges. Some companies call cartridges pioneers – “virgin cartridges”. But essentially – it is the same.

    Printer Cartridge – Original cartridges pioneers

    Used only once, is a great alternative to buying a new. Without compromising print quality, such a device, average, costs three times less than new. Comparing this with the possibility of acquiring a new inexpensive analogue of Chinese production, it should be noted that the purchase is unprofitable, since the quality of materials, of which the device is made, does not allow it to be used for more than one refueling. These are mainly models of famous European brands, made without reducing the cost of production and capable of withstanding a large number of gas stations.

    Printer cartridges, repeated (after factory) gas station, several more cycles will work successfully, allowing you, for several such procedures, save the amount, equal to the cost of a laser printer. Cleaning the inner parts of waste toner, as well as using good toner for refilling and testing the device – guarantee good printing and ensure a long working life.

    Refilling method is applicable to most types of monochrome and color office laser printers. Here are just the number of gas stations, which the cartridge can repeatedly withstand, different models have different. Original HP toner cartridges, Canon resource of the number of refills on average 5-10, for original Samsung cartridges, Xerox refueling resource 3-6 (in earlier models up to 2015 years for original Samsung cartridges, Xerox refills nearly equal to HP cartridges, Canon).

    Genuine Brother toner cartridges have average refills 4-6 (but the resource of refueling can be in separate series and more, as is the case with Brother TN-1075 toner cartridge).

    At Fullcartridge, you can buy cartridges pioneers in Kiev, at a bargain price. Both toner cartridges and drum cartridges are available (Drum – drum).

    The range of cartridge models from such manufacturers of printing equipment as HP (Hewlett Packard), Canon, Samsung, Xerox, Brother for popular laser printers, multifunctional devices and copiers.

    When buying wholesale from 3 things – give a discount. For technical advice and cost – contact our manager. We work for you seven days a week. We guarantee excellent print quality for all cartridges without exception.. We offer them at a competitive price and with the possibility of small wholesale delivery in Kiev..