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    We buy used cartridges if you have something to offer us, Contact us.

    The purchase of cartridges in Kiev is carried out by Fullcartridge - a service center for setting up and repairing office laser printing devices. We accept black and white and color cartridges – pioneers, used only once, not refueled before, and not restored. We carry out the purchase of used and new cartridges. We work quickly, we give an honest estimate of the cost, and offer competitive market prices for your product.

    We buy laser printer cartridges, copiers, MFPs of these brands:

    • Hewlett-Packard (Hewlett Packard)
    • Panasonic (Panasonic)
    • Lexmark (Lexmark)
    • Samsung (Samsung)
    • Brother (Brazer)
    • Xerox (Xerox)
    • Canon (Canon)
    • OKI (Oki)

    Purchase of cartridges for laser printers. If you want to make money on a used cartridge, - hand it over to us and get money. We will offer a good price for the used device. We acquire rare specimens and the most popular specimens, for different models of office equipment. Piece by piece or wholesale we will buy everything from you, usable.

    Moreover, we provide the following services: refilling and repair of cartridges, laser office printing equipment.
    For offices, business centers and enterprises we will offer favorable conditions for the purchase of goods in bulk - we will arrive, appreciate, we will pay and take away everything demanded, and in normal condition. If you have a new, not yet used sealed cartridge - we will buy it too, at a favorable price for you.

    We also offer: buying laptops, purchase of used cartridges, redemption of decommissioned equipment.

    Take advantage of our offer and sell a new one cartridge will be beneficial to you if:

    • it is not compatible with the new model of printing equipment you have purchased;
    • mistakenly purchased and incompatible with your printing technique;
    • its expiration date will expire soon;
    • left over from a broken laser printing device, which cannot be repaired.

    Acceptance of cartridges in Kiev at the Fullcartridge service center is carried out by specialists, who will appreciate the serviceability of the equipment and offer a purchase price. The main criteria for the handed over devices:

    1. only original (branded);
    2. used only once (no refueling);
    3. good condition - no external or internal physical or chemical damage.

    A couple of minutes of inspection of the goods by a specialist and, if the offered price suits you, You get paid for the goods. For detailed information on buying a monochrome or color laser cartridge, certain model, call our masters. Seven days a week 24/7 we work for you without interruption.

    See also pages: refilling color cartridges.

    To contact us: