Contact us, и Вы обеспечите апгрейд ноутбуку. If you need to upgrade your laptop in Kiev, and you appreciate the qualified, as well as responsible work, then you have a chance to avoid mistakes, choosing exactly our service organization. The quality of our work is due to the fact, that we are starting from objective data, derived from diagnostic activities.

Laptop upgrade

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    How to upgrade your laptop

    Laptop performance can be dramatically increased by the following measures:

    • Increase laptop RAM;
    • Replacing hdd with ssd;
    • Replacing the drive with an ssd drive;
    • Replacing the processor;
    • Correction or modernization of software.

    What will the replacement of the optical drive with ssd give

    If someone else is playing with blanks (that is, optical discs), then only because, that there is not enough time to transfer information. But the lack of internal memory always appears. In such a situation, it is a "sin" not to use free space., which is occupied by a useless disk drive. The installation of the OptiBay device helps to solve the problem. This adapter allows you to put ssd in a laptop in place of the removed optical drive. Thus, the computer acquires additional disk space with minimal costs..

    The effect of increasing the amount of RAM

    RAM – this is a computer node, which depends on how the speed, and work with applications. Lack of RAM can cause slow performance and severe multitasking issues. Such a situation can be clearly analyzed, by opening several system windows at the same time. If your computer malfunctions, then the installed memory is clearly not enough for it. As a rule, everything is solved by installing an additional RAM strip, but sometimes it is necessary to replace the RAM in the laptop.

    How to improve performance with software upgrades

    In the absence of sufficient experience, don't do it yourself. Reinstallation by amateurs say Windows, leads to loss of valuable information or damage to local drives. Our employees will do it for an adequate price, at a high level, giving the guarantee necessary for verification. Improvement of the laptop is carried out along with preventive procedures: dust removal, mud, replacement of thermal paste. In this case, only the package of necessary services is paid. Unfortunately, the specifics of our activities do not allow us to specify prices in advance. This is due to the fact, that prices can be formed only individually. The price level depends on the device model and customer requirements. But we guarantee an honest assessment of our work., which will be below average in the range of similar offers. If necessary, invite our employee home, by paying the cost of the necessary services.

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