Cleaning and purging a laptop from dust in Kiev - the specialists of the Fullcartridge service center will efficiently and promptly perform the procedure for cleaning your gadget. If the laptop starts making noise during operation, heat up and often freeze - we will solve this problem. Contact our center - by phone, via the contact form on the website or by e-mail. During 1 day a specialist will come to the call and fix the problem. You can also bring the equipment to our workshop yourself.

Cleaning the laptop from dust with replacing thermal paste

Order laptop cleaning from dust in Kiev

    How to understand, what is required to clean the laptop from dust

    Professional help should be sought in such cases.:

    • The gadget gets very hot during normal operating mode;
    • It takes a long time to open programs and files;
    • Fan makes a lot of noise;
    • The laptop "freezes" when working with regular applications and programs;
    • Computer shuts down or restarts spontaneously.

    Fullcartridge takes care of all of these issues, and also perform diagnostics if necessary, repair and modernization of computer equipment.

    Why order from us:

    • Our master arrives quickly

    • Call in Kiev 50 UAH

    • Free diagnostics when ordering repair

    • Free laptop cleaning from dust when replacing parts

    • Refunds for services without problems, if you don't like the service!

    Our advantages

    • High-quality performance of services by qualified specialists, who repair computers with 2010 of the year.
    • Apple certification: we service Apple brand appliances, as well as laptops from other manufacturers.
    • Use of quality, expensive materials and parts allows you to maximize the life of your gadget.
    • Comfortable service: prompt departure of the master at home in any area.
    • Detailed preliminary consultation by phone: the employee in absentia determines the approximate scope of work and the optimal scheme for their implementation.
    Master call 50 UAH
    Diagnostics (overheating and random shutdown) from 50 UAH
    Partial disassembly (most laptops ~ 40 min) 300 UAH
    Complete disassembly (some types of laptops ~ 1 hour) 450 UAH
    Cleaning Apple Macbookfrom 600 UAH
    Cleaning gaming laptopsfrom 600 UAH
    Discount for review-50 UAH

    The cost includes consumables.

    thermal paste. laptop cleaning price

    We use thermal paste with high thermal conductivity. It costs more, than regular pasta, but, due to its properties, allows less frequent cleaning of computer equipment from dust.

    Availability of a certificate

    The presence of a certificate from Apple and many years of experience allow us to carry out high-quality preventive maintenance and repair of equipment of this brand..

    Apple Specialist Certificate

    How often should you clean your laptop from dust

    Experts recommend carrying out the procedure 1 times about 1-1,5 of the year. But due to a number of factors, you may need to clean your laptop more often., eg:

    • You live on the ground floor, windows overlook a busy street
    • There is an animal in the apartment
    • The child uses the technique
    • The apartment or the neighborhood is being renovated
    • They smoke indoors

    All this leads to a large accumulation of dust inside the laptop., to its adhesion to the fan blades, on the radiator fins. Dust churns into a dense lump of felt and interferes with the normal operation of the cooling system, because of this, the gadget is constantly overheating. After a while, this can lead to serious damage to the computer - the video card can "fly", HDD, motherboard and other important components of a laptop. Therefore, do not forget to regularly clean your laptop or contact the service center if you have any suspicious symptoms..

    We serve all brands of laptops

    Чистка ноутбука + замена термопасты в Киеве

    How to call a wizard to clean a laptop from dust in Kiev

    To do this, just dial our phone number or fill out the form on the website. A specialist will arrive as soon as possible - the location of one of our offices in Obolon (Heroes of Dnipra). Check out within 1 hours to such areas: Hem, Obolon, Vintner. Petrovka station, Taras Shevchenko, Minsk, Contact and other stations and areas of our city.

    Clean your laptop with a money-back guarantee.

    Service guarantee and money back

    We give a guarantee for the performed service of cleaning the laptop from dust for a period of 14 days. If the client was not satisfied with the service, we pledge to return 100% the amount paid by him.

    Take care of your equipment inexpensively with the help of qualified specialists.

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