Laptop upgrade - at the Fullcartridge service center, professionally and in a short time breathe new life into your laptop. We arrive promptly: you just have to leave a request through the form or by phone - and the master will be with you during the day. You can also deliver the laptop yourself to our workshop.

laptop upgrade

Order laptop upgrade in Kiev:

    When you need a laptop upgrade

    Poor computer performance, slow work, frequent failures - all this is a reason to think about, to donate your laptop for upgrades.

    What other symptoms indicate such a need:

    • laptop boots slowly,
    • often freezes,
    • slows down when more, than 4-5 open browser tabs,
    • very low FPS in games.

    Why order from us:

    • Our master arrives quickly

    • Call in Kiev 50 UAH

    • Free diagnostics when ordering repair

    • Free laptop cleaning from dust when replacing parts

    • Refunds for services without problems, if you don't like the service!

    Upgrade options

    There are several ways, how can you "overclock" your computer.

    1. Increase in RAM. All programs running on the computer use RAM. When it becomes scarce, piece of information, usually rarely used, transferred to the hard drive and read from there, which significantly slows down the computer. To speed up work, increase the amount of RAM of the laptop so much, as far as his model allows - up to 4, 8 or 16 GB.
    2. Replacing the hard drive or installing SSD additionally. Usually, laptops are equipped with conventional HDD. If instead of this disk or in addition to it, a new generation SSD storage drive is installed, laptop boot speed will drop to 10-40 seconds instead of 3-5 minutes. In general, after such manipulation, the performance and speed of the laptop significantly increase..
    3. Replacing the processor. The processor is the brain of the laptop, he processes information. The more powerful it is, the higher the computing power of the machine, the faster the data is processed. To speed up your laptop, replace the lowest performing processor with the highest performing processor within the capabilities of this model range and generation.

    As part of the modernization, you can also be offered matrix replacement, video cards, battery etc.

    How much does it cost to upgrade a laptop in Kiev

    The price for services is formed on the basis of, which components will be replaced or repaired. After diagnostics, the wizard will offer you the best options for "overclocking" your machine. In any case, we offer some of the most affordable prices in the city., at the same time we guarantee excellent quality of work. To contact the center consultant or to call the wizard, fill out the form on the website or call. Our specialist will contact you and answer all your questions, contact.

    Laptop upgrade – price

    Laptop upgrade servicesPrice
    Master call50 UAH
    Replacing RAMfrom 250 UAH + RAM cost
    Installing an SSDfrom 250 UAH + SSD cost
    Replacing the processorfrom 350 UAH + processor cost

    It is worth noting, that modernization is not only about replacing internal components, but also the elimination of breakdowns of local modules. So, in our service center they carry out repair / replacement:

    To contact us: