Laptop battery repair – Fullcartridge service center specialists provide prompt and highly qualified assistance in repairing and replacing a laptop battery. You do not have to wait long for the arrival of the master: leave a request by phone or through the form - and within 1 day you will have it. If help is needed immediately, you can bring the equipment to our workshop.

laptop repair at home in Kiev

Order laptop battery repair at home:

    When do you need a laptop battery repair?

    Lithium batteries have a life expectancy of 500-600 cycles is about 2-4 years of intensive operation in compliance with the rules for the use of equipment. Often, after this period, the battery stops working normally.. How it may manifest:

    • The battery drains quickly,
    • Not charging at all,
    • Battery swollen,
    • Computer won't run on battery at all without charger.

    If the laptop battery is already defective, but it still works somehow, don't keep using it. In some cases, defective batteries can overheat and even explode.. Do not delay your visit to the service center. Do not try to repair it yourself - only a specialist, after diagnosing and checking with special equipment, will be able to identify the exact cause of the battery failure and eliminate it., if possible.

    Why order from us:

    • Our master arrives quickly

    • Call in Kiev 50 UAH

    • Free diagnostics when ordering repair

    • Free laptop cleaning from dust when replacing parts

    • Refunds for services without problems, if you don't like the service!

    Why did the battery fail

    In addition to the natural wear and tear of the battery, there are a number of other reasons., that lead to its destruction., sometimes beyond recovery:

    The master will be able to determine the state of the battery in a particular case during the diagnostics. The “diagnosis” is discussed with the client, action plan and cost of services. And only after approval, the specialist starts work..

    How much does it cost to repair a laptop battery in Kyiv

    The cost of services can be found out after performing diagnostics and determining the breakdown and scope of work. Whether the battery is repairable or needs to be replaced - the master will find out during the inspection of the equipment. For all questions and to call the master, please call or use the application form on the website. Our specialist will contact you and advise on all the details.

    Laptop battery repair – price

    Laptop Battery Repair Services Price
    Master call50 UAH
    Battery repairfrom 300 UAH

    Repair or change

    Repairing a laptop battery is a very real task.. Don't rush to buy a new battery: firstly, it will cost much more, how to fix your, Secondly, if the laptop model is not new, then there may be a problem with finding the original battery, third, "native" components are always better and better, as they were produced specifically for the requests and characteristics of this machine.

    Therefore, trust our masters - if the battery needs to be repaired, here it will be done professionally and at a reasonable price.

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