Power supply repair - in the Fullcartridge service center, they will efficiently and promptly perform a laptop power supply repair service. You won't have to wait long: leave a request through the form or by phone number - and during the day the master will come by call. You can also bring your laptop to our workshop.

Laptop power supply repair

Order laptop power supply repair:

    When a power supply needs to be repaired

    Some breakdowns are invisible to the naked eye, and you can guess about them by such signs:

    • the power supply gets very hot
    • the laptop does not turn on when the battery is missing and the charger is on
    • the indicator on the power supply unit does not light up, which indicates the supply of the output voltage
    • the charging indicator on the laptop case does not light up
    • in some models, a specific sound signal may be given

    Why order from us:

    • Our master arrives quickly

    • Call in Kiev 50 UAH

    • Free diagnostics when ordering repair

    • Free laptop cleaning from dust when replacing parts

    • Refunds for services without problems, if you don't like the service!

    What breakdowns do we repair

    The most common charger breakdowns are:

    • broken cable
    • failure of the power supply

    Most often the cable breaks - frequent movements of the laptop with the charger turned on, sloppy storage of the device, regular bending of the cable will damage it. If the cable is broken, the insulation opened and the braid began to unravel, it needs to be replaced immediately, even if it is still working. Using such a cable is dangerous - it may cause a short circuit., which will lead to damage to the power supply and even the laptop itself.

    The power supply itself fails due to mechanical damage, shock or power surges 220 IN.

    How much does it cost to repair a laptop power supply in Kiev

    The price for repairs depends on the nature of the breakdown of the device., his models and from that, what details may be needed. Often, repairs are about half the price, than buying a new power supply. The consultant of our service center will be able to guide you on the price: just fill out the form or call, you will be contacted and answered all questions.

    Laptop power supply repair – price

    Laptop power supply repair servicesPrice
    Master call50 UAH
    Power supply repairfrom 100 UAH

    Repair or buy a new one?

    They will be able to answer this question in our service center.. In some cases, device repair is a cost-effective way out., eg, if only the cable needs to be replaced. If the adapter model is very outdated or the breakage is as follows, that repairs are not economically feasible, it is better to buy a new power supply unit - our masters will suggest a suitable and most advantageous device for your particular case.

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