Installing an SSD in a laptop - Fullcartridge offers an SSD installation service. Our service center specialists will complete the installation quickly, professionally and at a pleasant price. To leave a request to call the master, you need to call the phone number or fill out the application form. The specialist will arrive within 1 of the day. Or you can bring the equipment to our workshop.

installing ssd in laptop

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    What is an SSD and why is it needed

    SSD drive (Solid state drive) Is a computer storage device, solid state drive. It has no mechanical components, but works on the basis of memory chips, therefore it has a much higher speed compared to HDD. SSD can be compared to a large high-speed flash drive, which is used to store files and the user's operating system. The volume of such drives can reach 1 TB and more. An ordinary user will have enough SSD volume 120-500 GB. Installing such a disk is the most optimal way to upgrade your laptop..

    Why order from us:

    • Our master arrives quickly

    • Call in Kiev 50 UAH

    • Free diagnostics when ordering repair

    • Free laptop cleaning from dust when replacing parts

    • Refunds for services without problems, if you don't like the service!

    Advantages of SSD over HDD

    Replacing HDD with SSD, you increase the speed of your laptop at times: the operating system boots at least twice as fast, work with office programs and video files, on 50-55 % increased performance in games and 4 times faster audio files are processed. Beyond speed, SSD has a number of other benefits:

    • Reliability and noiselessness. Since there are no mechanical elements in the SSD, they are much more resistant to damage, blows, mechanical vibrations, etc.. For the same reason, they do not make any noise during operation..
    • Heat resistance.
    • Low power consumption. SSDs use less electricity. So, versus HDD, they allow you to save battery power up to 2 hours.
    • Light weight and size.

    The cost of installing an SSD in Kiev

    The price of the service depends on the volume of the SSD. Select a drive based on the capabilities and characteristics of the laptop, determine which exactly the specialist of our service center can. For details, call the number on the website, or fill out the contact form. A specialist will contact you and answer all questions.

    Installing an SSD – price

    SSD Installation Service Price
    Master call50 UAH
    Installing an SSDfrom 200 UAH

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    Installing an SSD on a laptop

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    Which SSD to choose

    You can install SSD as instead of HDD, and in addition to it. The first option is optimal for those, who does not need to store a lot of information on a laptop. In this case, a drive with a volume of 120 GB either 240 GB.

    If the task is to increase the amount of laptop memory, then they put an SSD instead of the main hard drive, and put the HDD itself in place of the CD. In this case, all programs and the operating system are written to the solid state drive., and data is stored on the HDD. This way you can perfectly upgrade your laptop..

    The choice of SSD size depends on the tasks, which you put on your laptop:

    • 120 GB - will be enough, to install OS and base software, more to perform "office" tasks is unlikely to be needed. This modification will "overclock" even an old laptop.;
    • 240 GB - the choice of gamers. Sure, the demands of modern games are increasing every day, but if you are a fan of a certain game or go through each one to the end, and then put a new one, then this volume will be quite enough;
    • 500 GB is the best option for those, who works with video and 3D editors. Volume allows and install programs, and save the results;
    • 1 TB and more - an option for those, who wants to get rid of HDD permanently. A promising idea, but quite expensive.

    The consultant of our center will help you make the right choice, considering all your wishes, as well as laptop specifications.

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