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    To use cartridges many times on the same printer, done printer firmware in Kiev. You can order the service by filling out the application form or by calling us.

    Re-flashing the printer is done just 1 time. The procedure is not complicated, but still we advise you to trust it only to people who have experience in this matter. There is a certain algorithm of actions, which is not worth breaking.

    • Sewing at home and in the workshop
    • Timing: from 1 hours after ordering

    • Procedure time: 20-30 min

    • The cost from 300 UAH

    • Cash payment, map, current account

    прошивка принтеров в Fullcartridge

    What is printer firmware?

    Printer firmware appeared as a service after some manufacturers began to make disposable laser cartridges. Manufacturers make money mainly from the sale of consumables, such as cartridges. The cost of a new cartridge is very often worth 30-50% printing device cost. To release the blockage of the cartridge after it is finished and further refueling, the procedure for flashing the printer is done.

    How is the order:

    We carry out work both in our workshop and on the road

    We want to draw your attention: We employ highly qualified reprogramming specialists, and many firms use our firmware as in Kiev, and throughout Ukraine.

    In details:

    1) Chips, and stripping. Xerox Samsung HP and Canon printers and all-in-one use chips, what informs the printer that, that the cartridge needs to be replaced, when the number of printed pages reaches its limit.

    2) Laser printer firmware will help get rid of chips, what have a direct effect on blocking . Your printing device stops counting the number of pages printed. This way you print more and not worse.

    3) Refilling cartridges, usually, in 5-10 times cheaper than a new cartridge, at the cost of a cartridge in 1000 – 2000 UAH and when refueling at 180 UAH! The firmware, on average, costs 500 UAH. Savings start after refilling the first cartridge.

    4) Is there an official guarantee – even if the printer breaks down during its warranty period – you have already saved a lot of money, Considering, that the repair costs on average 450 UAH, All the same, you remain in a huge advantage due to the refilled cartridges, instead of purchased.

    Trust companies for printer firmware, who professionally do this.

    To order

    How much does it cost to reflash a printer?

    Samsung printer firmware prices Price
    SCX-3200/ 3205/ 3207 (V3.00.01.07 / UAH
    SCX-4300 (V1.21/ V1.23/ V1.25)500 UAH
    ML-1640 (V1.01.00.83/ UAH
    ML-1660 (V1.01.00.34)300 UAH
    ML-1860/ 1865/ 1867 (V1.01.00.18/ UAH
    ML-1910/ 1915 (V1.01.00.77/ V1.01.00.82)300 UAH
    ML-2160 (to 12 versions prosh.)500 UAH
    ML-2165W500 UAH
    ML-2240/ 2241 (V1.01.00.83/ V1.01.00.93)300 UAH
    ML-2245 (V1.01.00.84/ V1.01.00.93)500 UAH
    ML-2520 (V1.01.00.49)500 UAH
    ML-2525 (V1.01.00.54)500 UAH
    ML-2580N (V1.01.00.79/ V1.01.00.81/ V1.01.00.83/ V1.01.00.84)500 UAH
    SL-M2620/ SL-M2620D/ SL-M2070/ SL-M2070W/ SL-M2070FN500 UAH
    ML-2955ND500 UAH
    CLX-3170/ 3175/ 3175FN500 UAH
    SCX-3205W (V3.00.01.00 / UAH
    SCX-3400/ 3400F/ 3405/ 3405F/ 3405W/ 3405FW500 UAH
    SCX-4600 (V2.01.00.93/ UAH
    SCX-4650N/ 4655FN500 UAH
    SCX-4655FN500 UAH
    SCX-4828 (V1.01.00.31/ UAH
    SCX-4600 (V2.01.00.99/ UAH
    CLP-310/ 315500 UAH
    ML-2164500 UAH
    SL-M 2620D/ 2820DW/ 2820ND/ 2625D/ 2825DW/ 2820ND500 UAH
    CLX-3185FN (V1.00.01.24)500 UAH
    CLX-3180 (V1.00.01.22)500 UAH
    CLX-3185N500 UAH
    SCX-4729/ 4729FD/ 4729FW500 UAH
    SCX-4825FN (V2.01.00.84)500 UAH
    SCX-4833FD (V2.00.01.10/ UAH
    SCX-4833FR (V2.01.01.06)500 UAH
    SL-M2870500 UAH
    SCX-4623FN500 UAH
    SCX-4824 (V1.01.00.44/ UAH
    SCX-4828 (V1.01.00.43/ UAH
    CLP-320 (V1.00.01.19/ UAH
    CLP-320N (V1.00.01.19)500 UAH
    ML-1860W/ 1865W (V3.00.01.05)300 UAH
    ML-2855 (V1.20.04.3202)500 UAH
    ML-3310D (V2.00.01.25)500 UAH
    ML-3310ND (V2.00.01.23)500 UAH
    ML-3710N/ 3710ND500 UAH
    SL-M3870500 UAH
    CLP-360/ 365/ 365W500 UAH
    SL-C460FW WI-FI2800 UAH
    CLX-3305/ 3305W/ 3305FN (V3.00.02.XX)900 UAH
    CLP-365/ CLX-3305/ 3305FN500 UAH
    Prices for firmware of Xerox printers
    Phaser 3140300 UAH
    XeroxPhaser 3160/ 3160B/ 3160N350 UAH
    WC 3210/ 3210N (V1.01.00.95/ V1.01.00.98)500 UAH
    WC 3220/ 3220DN (V1.01.00.95/ V1.01.00.98)500 UAH
    WC 3550 (V25.001.02.000)800 UAH
    Phaser 3155300 UAH
    Phaser 3100/ MINOLTA PP1480/ PP1490600 UAH

    Why do I need a printer flashing??

    Lately, manufacturers have been protecting their office printing equipment from refilling cartridges.. So, to refill such a cartridge, chip change required, which is not on sale now. Therefore, you have to buy a new cartridge., which leads to considerable financial costs.

    Unlocking the printer via reset, software and mechanical:

    Execution stages:

    1. Print configuration report, in which the previous firmware version is indicated.
    2. Determine program version. It is indicated in the line OS Version. If there is a letter F, means the device is already flashed.
    3. Knowing the model and serial number , looking for or generating the required firmware.
    4. Load the finished program into the device.
    5. At the end, you need to remove the chip from the cartridge and re-remove the status report. It will already contain another firmware.

    Cartridge firmware

    Cartridge firmware. There are a number of printers (eg, samsung 1630), which are not programmable. Program intervention is carried out to them only in the chips of the cartridges. The procedure is simple, but still requires special equipment (programmer), and certain skills. When calling the master, usually the chip simply changes to an unlocked one.. Less often, it is unlocked on site with a portable programmer, which just dumps the chip data. And it becomes like new. There is also an option for reprogramming from a computer, through the programmer and special software.

    When refueling a cartridge, we reset the chip counter free of charge.!

    Unlocking the printer with parsing. Most often with parsing printers and mfp are stitched от Konica Minolta и Xerox. A feature of this method is the removal of the chip and its reprogramming outside the device.. Other methods are not suitable for these devices.

    Mechanical reset of the counter. In Brother cartridges, and also some Panasonic cartridges use a mechanical reset of the counters, where each type of cartridge has its own reset technology. for example, scrolling positions of gears and gears with “scapula” for Brother, as well as certain manipulations with the sensors for opening the lids. For Panasonic (Panasonic) – this is the side scrolling mechanical toner sensor, or temporary installation of a jumper.

    In our company, this type of reset is also free..

    Find out the cost of the printer firmware for your model:

      Printer firmware Is the firmware, which monitors the performance of your device, it is built into his software. Printer firmware allows you to update the software and reset the counter. Flashing is carried out once throughout the entire operating life of the printer.

      Flashing without disassembly via computer – the most demanded way of reprogramming. for example, devices such as Samsung SL-M2870FD reprogram the entire printer, indiscriminately: the program is uploaded via the USB cable, created specifically for your model. Model taken into account, serial number for some printers, and also CRUM (serial number of chips). Only a few models exist “universal” programs, which do not take into account the serial number and CRUM. Remember, that illiterate intervention in the software part can lead to a breakdown of the device and subsequently – to replace the formatter board.

      This procedure makes your cartridges reusable..

      Printer firmware price from 300 UAH More details in the price list or by phone +380931398262