Frequently ordered services of the service center include Canon cartridge repair, including replacement of damaged parts and assemblies, with restoration of full working capacity and warranty service. We work without breaks and days off from 9:00 to 20:00. We carry out urgent repair of office equipment at standard rates, without surcharges.

repair of cartridges in Kiev

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    Canon Cartridge Repair

    Laser Printer Cartridge Repair required, when the print contains one of the listed typical flaws:

    • a white solid strip runs along the sheet
    • longitudinal gray stripe is visible after printing as continuous or as separate parts
    • the page is printed as a layering of several parts
    • the printed sheet has uneven saturation from the center to the periphery or vice versa
    • there is a parasitic unknown background

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    We carry out work both in our workshop and on the road

    Kenon Printer Cartridge Repair

    Do not want to waste time visiting the service center, order repair of a printer cartridge in Kiev with the departure of the master at the specified address within the city limits. During, not exceeding one and a half hours from the receipt of the application, a specialist will come to your home or office and for 25 – 50 minutes will carry out repairs. The advantage of this offer lies in the fact, that the departure of the master does not have to be paid, since it is included in cartridge repair cost.

    Cartridge repair cost

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    Canon Printer Cartridge Recovery

    If the cartridge is broken, but you want to save money on your purchase, - order remanufacturing a printer cartridge. Replacing individual parts will cost significantly less, than buying a new device. After repair, the technician is tested without fail. All work performed is guaranteed. Recovery of laser cartridges - this is a tangible cost savings, while maintaining high print quality.

    To the list of the most frequent applications for Canon cartridge repair by restoration enters: drum replacement, replacing the doctor blade, replacement of the primary charge shaft and replacement of the magnetic shaft.

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