Fullcartrige service center offers high-quality and efficient repair and maintenance of Canon printers. The extensive experience of our employees and the availability of high-quality modern equipment in the workshop allows us to quickly eliminate problems with the printing device.. Bring the printer to our center - we will repair it quickly, high quality and at an affordable price! For our services, we provide a guarantee for 6 months.

Order printer repair:

    The main causes of breakdowns

    Among the few breakdowns, that happen to Canon printers, there are two types: it is a factory defect or breakdown, incurred during transportation and operation. The first case is a warranty, but in the second, the specialists of the Fullcartrige center will help you, where do non-warranty repair of Canon printers. This repair usually takes 1 day. There are situations, when needed 2 or 3 days to fix problems. And only in exceptional cases, repairs may require 5 or more days.

    Printer repair price

    Diagnostics (if you order further repairs from us)free
    Departure of the engineer for laser equipment in Kiev50 UAH
    Printer repair costfrom 300 UAH

    Warranty for the work performed 3 months.

    The price for printer repair in Kiev depends on its model and the complexity of the breakdown. If the repair is irrational, we recommend replacing parts. Provide the lowest cost troubleshooting method when possible while maintaining print quality.

    The main part of the price is the cost of components and a small - price of work.

    When is Canon Printer Repair Needed - Symptoms

    Repair of printing equipment is required in such cases:

    • Poor color rendering, individual colors are missing, stripes appear on the image (occur due to contamination of the print head or its overheating);
    • Continuous ink supply system (CISS) stopped feeding paint - this happens in the event of leaks or in the presence of air in the plume;
    • The presence of unpleasant artifacts in the resulting image - it can be transverse stripes (eliminated by cleaning the optical system of the printer), bifurcated image, etc.;
    • CISS is installed incorrectly;
    • The technique gives errors - the reasons usually lie in problems with the mechanical part of the printer;
    • The system does not recognize the cartridge - this happens, if the software settings get lost or the cartridge breaks down;
    • Ink leaking from cartridges;
    • Having problems feeding the paper - it does not get caught or wrinkles.

    How is the order:

    We carry out work both in our workshop and on the road

    Why Canon Printer Prevention is Needed

    For all its durability and reliability, Canon equipment may malfunction under the influence of certain factors. Breakage occurs when the surface of the printer is dirty and parts are clogged with toner particles., impurities and dust, in the air. To avoid costly printer repairs, device should be prevented approximately 1 every six months - a year (depending on the intensity of use). Prevention includes cleaning its internal surfaces and analyzing the degree of their wear..

    Repair of Canon printers in Kiev - price

    The cost of repairing a printer depends on whether, what exactly is out of order in it. Only the master can announce the price after diagnosing the device. You can find out preliminary prices for the repair of specific breakdowns, by calling our service center or filling out the form on the website. Our consultant will contact you and answer all your questions.

    The cost of repairing Canon printers in Kiev

    Type of workThe cost, UAH.
    Image transfer unit repairfrom 200
    Replacing the Pick Rollerfrom 250
    Head cleaning unit repairfrom 200
    Image fixing unit repairfrom 300
    Replacing the brake padfrom 280

    Need urgent printer repair?

    For those, who doesn't have time to wait, who needs an urgent printer repair, Fullcartridge provides an urgent repair service for laser printers. You can order a visit of the master to any area, no surcharge for urgency. Usually the duration of work is no more than an hour, in case of a breakdown of medium complexity. Upon completion of work, setting up and testing of printing equipment.

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