FullCartridge Service Center offers repair services for HP printers (Hewlett Packard). Years of experience and professionalism of our specialists, as well as modern equipment allow us to eliminate breakdowns of any complexity. We carry out repairs like in a workshop, and away. To call the wizard, you just need to call the phone number or place an application through the form on the website.

Order printer repair:

    Broken HP printer - possible causes

    The printer can fail for a variety of reasons. The most common ones:

    • Violation of operating rules,
    • Using poor quality consumables,
    • Natural aging (export) printer parts,
    • Various foreign objects falling into the device,
    • Neglecting regular prophylaxis (at least once every six months, you should clean the toner residues, and also lubricate rollers and gears),
    • Software problems (presence of viruses or technical problems, with which the printer works, - in the modem, router, computer).

    Printer repair price

    Diagnostics (if you order further repairs from us)free
    Departure of the engineer for laser equipment in Kiev50 UAH
    Printer repair costfrom 300 UAH

    Warranty for the work performed 3 months.

    The price for printer repair in Kiev depends on its model and the complexity of the breakdown. If the repair is irrational, we recommend replacing parts. Provide the lowest cost troubleshooting method when possible while maintaining print quality.

    The main part of the price is the cost of components and a small - price of work.

    When to contact an HP printer repair?

    Printer breakdowns have quite a variety of "symptoms", but most often they appear like this:

    • Paper jams in the printer,
    • The machine emits a crackling sound during printing,
    • Picks up multiple sheets of paper at once or does not pick up paper at all,
    • The device does not turn on,
    • Makes noise when turned on, when printing, makes noise and does not print,
    • Flashing yellow, green, red, error indicators are on; may also blink and not enter standby mode,
    • Creaks while printing,
    • Issues documents with hieroglyphs, spots, dots, white stripes and other artifacts,
    • Doesn't "see" paper, does not define it,
    • Prints crooked, rubs,
    • Scans have a faint print,
    • Paper jams in the printer,
    • The device does not "see" the cartridge or the computer does not see the printer.

    If you have any problems, call our company - we will carry out the repairs with high quality, quickly and at a good price. Our specialists make calls throughout the city. Express diagnostics is carried out on the spot, based on its results, the optimal repair option is determined.

    How is the order:

    We carry out work both in our workshop and on the road

    How quickly repairs are carried out

    Most breakdowns can be repaired locally, this allows you to significantly save time. In this case, the repair takes a couple of hours from the moment the master arrives.. There are difficult cases, when the printer needs to be taken to the workshop - then the repair can take up to 3 days, depending on the complexity of the work.

    HP printer repair in Kiev - price

    The cost of repair directly depends on the degree of complexity of the breakdown., from the price of the part, if you need a replacement, etc.. You can preliminarily find out the price from our consultant - for this, call by phone or place an application on the website. Our employee will contact you and answer all your questions. The table below shows the approximate cost of various types of printer repairs.

    The cost of repairing Hewlett Packard printers in Kiev

    Type of workThe cost, UAH.
    Driver / Software Installation250
    Replacing the Pick Rollerfrom 300
    Maintenancefrom 300
    Thermofilm replacementfrom 450
    Power board repairfrom 400
    Image fixing unit repairfrom 1250

    Need urgent printer repair?

    For those, who doesn't have time to wait, who needs an urgent printer repair, Fullcartridge provides an urgent repair service for laser printers. You can order a visit of the master to any area, no surcharge for urgency. Usually the duration of work is no more than an hour, in case of a breakdown of medium complexity. Upon completion of work, setting up and testing of printing equipment.

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