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    Repair of printers on the Olimpiyskaya metro station

    Contacting us, the work of restoring the printing unit will be done as efficiently as possible, as in place, and away. Printer repair on the Olympic metro is suitable for everyone, who is in the area of ​​this station. If this option does not suit you, you can order a specialist call to your home or office.
    The recovery procedure for a printing device consists of several stages. :
    1. Diagnostics.
    2. Cleaning the device components.
    3. Replacing the drum unit in a cartridge.
    4. If necessary, change other failed parts: primary charge roller, dispensing blades, seals, magnetic shaft and other defective parts.
    5. Checking the printer is working.
    In case of a breakdown of medium severity, the duration of the work is no more than one to two hours. Complex repairs are carried out ranging from 1 to 3 days.

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    We carry out work both in our workshop and on the road

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