FullCartridge Service Center provides fast and qualified assistance in the repair and maintenance of Panasonic printers. We have everything to carry out high-quality work in a short time: workshop with modern equipment, extensive work experience and required qualifications, high quality components from trusted suppliers.

To call the master, you just need to dial our phone number or fill out the form on the website. We leave anywhere in the city within one to several hours.

Often the problem can be fixed on the spot., in another case, the equipment is delivered to the workshop. Depending on the severity of the breakdown, the repair may take from 1 up to several days. The exact time will be reported by the master after diagnosing the equipment.

Order printer repair:

    Breakdown reasons

    The printer can malfunction for a number of reasons.:

    • Failure to comply with the rules of technical operation - this often leads to mechanical damage;
    • The printer is actively and for a long time, which leads to erasure of the thermal film, wear of cartridges, damage and erasure of the paper feed rollers;
    • Dirty printer parts - to avoid it, timely prevention of the device is required;
    • Consumables are incorrectly selected or they are of poor quality, etc..

    Printer repair price

    Diagnostics (if you order further repairs from us)free
    Departure of the engineer for laser equipment in Kiev50 UAH
    Printer repair costfrom 300 UAH

    Warranty for the work performed 3 months.

    The price for printer repair in Kiev depends on its model and the complexity of the breakdown. If the repair is irrational, we recommend replacing parts. Provide the lowest cost troubleshooting method when possible while maintaining print quality.

    The main part of the price is the cost of components and a small - price of work.

    Signs of Printer Failure

    When is the diagnosis and repair of equipment required?:

    • The device does not respond to button presses or does not turn on at all;
    • Throws indicator errors - flashing red, yellow or green, does not enter ready mode;
    • Cracking sound occurs when the printer is turned on or operating, noise, hum and other uncharacteristic sounds;
    • There is a noise, but the print does not go;
    • The device shows a general error or its specific code;
    • The printer is jamming the paper, does not take it at all or captures several sheets at once;
    • Scans come out with a faint print and various defects: stripes, spots, black dots, smeared paint, etc..

    If you find one or more of the listed "symptoms", do not delay - dial our phone number. We will cure your device quickly, high quality and at a good price, we will provide a guarantee for our services for 3 months.

    After inspecting the equipment on site, the master will announce the timing of the repair, cost and further action plan.

    How is the order:

    We carry out work both in our workshop and on the road

    Panasonic printer repair in Kiev - price

    How much will it cost to repair a Panasonic printer directly depends on the severity of the breakdown, from the price of the part, if a replacement is needed, and other factors. All this will be announced by a specialist after diagnosing your device..

    You can find prices for specific types of breakdowns in the table below. For more information, please call or use the form on the website - our consultant will contact you and answer all your questions.

    The cost of repairing Panasonic printers in Kiev

    Type of workThe cost, UAH.
    Image transfer unit repairfrom 200
    Replacing the Pick Rollerfrom 250
    Head cleaning unit repairfrom 200
    Image fixing unit repairfrom 300
    Replacing the brake padfrom 280

    Need urgent printer repair?

    For those, who doesn't have time to wait, who needs an urgent printer repair, Fullcartridge provides an urgent repair service for laser printers. You can order a visit of the master to any area, no surcharge for urgency. Usually the duration of work is no more than an hour, in case of a breakdown of medium complexity. Upon completion of work, setting up and testing of printing equipment.

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