replacement of thermal film

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Thermal film replacement cost: from 350 UAH

    Replacement of thermal film in Kiev by our company:

    1. Execution speed. Most orders are completed on the day of order
    2. Free diagnostics
    3. We do the absence of marriage the first time well and efficiently
    4. The staff are nice and polite
    5. Continuous trainings improve the qualifications of employees
    6. Quality assurance

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    We carry out work both in our workshop and on the road

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    Printer oven repair

    Duplicate an image on a sheet: If your printer displays this problem, you urgently need to replace the thermal film.
    Untimely replacement of the thermal film is dangerous for the device. If damaged, the printer may still operate., but the more prints are left on the film, the greater the likelihood of failure of the printer's fuser as well. And this is a completely different level of expenses..

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