Repair of Iqos in Obolon

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    IQOS repair in Obolon can be done at the FullCartridge technical support center. IQOS - a structurally sophisticated smoking device. Sophisticated design places high demands on gentle handling and increases the risk of breakage if misused. Repair of Aykos in Obolon most often required in case of failure of a heating element.

    Causes of the malfunction

    IQOS errors can be the cause of the breakdown.:

      • improper cleaning of the product;
      • water ingress;
      • broken blade;
      • overheating of the case.

    Using solid objects to remove carbon deposits (matches, toothpick) may damage the heater. The device should be cleaned with special brushes., brushes.

    Contact with water can cause a short circuit., burnout of the heating element. Moisture on the blade causes rust, blade breakage.

    Incorrect battery operation leads to overheating of the case, burnout of the heating element.

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