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Canon 719 cartridge

Canon cartridge 719 pioneer – first refilled cartridge. Refilled and replaced the drum unit after the first use. In terms of print quality and resource, it is not inferior to the original cartridge just bought in the store, but cheaper. Since it is filled with high quality toner and the imaging drum has been replaced from the factory with a longer-lasting one. We guarantee perfect and long-lasting cartridge performance.


First pass cartridge concept, in relation to the model Canon 719, used as a characteristic of a module, filled only once. This indicates, that the resource is not wasted and (subject to correct filling) it will not differ much from new factory cartridges.

What problems will help to fix the use of such a solution

  • Longer life than comparable copies;
  • Reliability is confirmed by the reputation of the manufacturer;
  • Quality and productivity of work, obtained using this method, will allow you to enjoy a high level of printing, which often suffers after installing replicas.

canon 719

Resource, number of pages1600

The Pioneer Cartridge Advantage Over Any Other:

  • These are original cartridges – not fakes, with a full resource and quality factory parts.

  • New drum unit

  • Supplied in packaging

  • Payment after receiving

  • We refuel ourselves, testing quality

  • We deliver in Kiev for 2-24 o'clock.

  • We make discounts for wholesale buyers


Acquiring a trailblazer, you will be sure of the quality. We offer honest cooperation. Guided by this, we provide our customers with components, with an impeccable reputation. Well, your peace of mind will be the concern of our specialists, on whom you can always rely.

Comparison of first-pass, new, and non-original cartridges:

Benefits of pioneering cartridges

Order scheme

Pioneer-cartridge-shipping scheme

Additional information

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