The project was founded in 2007 year in order to provide quality services for gas station laser cartridges. From that moment on, other directions were added., such as the printer repair, laser printer firmware, fax repair, and sale of cartridges, whose cost is up to 70% below, than competitors - this is so called cartridges pioneers.

For clients, for whom it is important to refill the cartridge as soon as possible, arrival at the place from 30 minutes, no surcharge for urgency. So that the master comes to you first of all, try to order services in the morning. Consultations are provided free of charge.

Why us?

First of all because, that we really provide high quality services. After all, it is the quality of the services provided and the courtesy of our employees, will cause a desire to contact us again. And it is possible to become our regular customer. For example, when providing a service for refueling printers, we use toner (powder for refilling cartridges), which was not chosen by chance, and not because of its low cost. We did our own research, in consequence of which they determined: which toner is least likely to adhere to the inside of the cartridge, its economy in operation (which powder will print more pages, with the same amount of toner). Similarly, we selected manufacturers for other consumables - imaging drums., squeegees, primary and secondary charge shafts.

Secondly, efficiency - we always listen to your wishes, and we arrive at your place on time.

Thirdly, great experience - more 25 000 completed orders, a large number of regular customers, among which we would like to see you!

Fourthly, free consultations, and solving non-standard situations.

Our reputation and your trust - the main achievements of Fullcartridge.

Warranty and Returns

We value you and your time, that's why we always go to a meeting, we offer favorable terms of cooperation. If you have any problems with the services provided, or goods - you can always contact us, and return, or replace the product with a similar one. With regard to services, we also provide a guarantee for them, and you don't have to wait for months, and fill out a bunch of formal papers. It's simple, returns-replaceable and fast.

We guarantee, that after refilling the cartridges you will not have any problems when printing in the form of stripes and dots. For this, only new high quality consumables will be used., and the cartridge prints at least pages, than it is stated in its characteristics.

Complaints and suggestions to the director

We are improving our service every day and will be grateful, if you inform: if you are not happy, for whatever reason, quality of services or goods, do not hesitate, but inform the director personally, by filling out the form below. Whether it's a problem on the site, or unavailable operators, problems with goods or services - whatever. Your opinion is important to us.

Complaints and suggestions to the manager