Replacing the drum unit in a printer cartridge

In case of problems with printing a laser printer, do not rush to change the cartridge, the best option would be to replace the printer's camera. Before replacing the master, make sure that the bad print is precisely because of the drum and, together with the replacement, clean other parts, and also check the toner level.

Replacement of the photocrane in Kiev includes disassembly, cleaning, assembly and testing. If needed, then refueling. Execution of works both on the road and in our workshop.

Replacing the photo drum

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    Manufacturers create cartridges designed to work until the end of the toner in the cartridge, but with a small margin of wear resistance. Since the manufacturers of printers and cartridges do not officially support refueling, because we are interested in selling new cartridges, fotoval, masters periodically change each 3-5 gas stations.

    Drum Replacement Cost

    Replacement of this component is carried out on the day of order.. Payment is possible as in cash, and by bank transfer.

    ServiceThe cost
    Drum Replacement Cost depends on the printer model. Usually this250-350 UAH
    Master call50 UAH
    Cartridge refillingfrom 180 UAH
    Diagnosticsis free

    Why Change the Image Drum?

    Should I continue to use the cartridge after the failure of the photo tube?? Can, but in this case, a lot of toner is used up. Moreover, it will start to crumble inside the printer. Part of it will go into the thermo unit., where it will melt and, when cooled, forms build-ups in the heating element. As a result of contact with the power supply or control board, their significant damage is possible.

    After replacing the drum unit, you can restore your old cartridge and refill it a few more times. Thanks to this, quite tangible cost savings are possible.. It is more profitable, than buying a new cartridge every time.

    How is the order:

    We carry out work both in our workshop and on the road

    How Fullcartridge Works

    If the cartridge is out of order, the best solution to the problem will be the timely replacement of the drum unit in Kiev, not a waste of time trying to repair. In the event of breakdowns of another kind, experts will advise, how to deal with them.

    In our service center, we also carry out diagnostics and printer repair, which allows you to identify the source of the problem, and look for the best ways to eliminate them.

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    Thanks to a team of professionals, the quality of work is always at the highest level. Our customers are offered only high-quality drum replacement services.. We guarantee the quality and efficiency of work with absolute confidence..

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      Drum (fotoval) – the element of the printer on which the quality and brightness of printing texts or images depends. This part of the cartridge will be the most stressed during printing and will wear out over time., average – 3-4 refueling. The drum is not always located directly in the drum. There are models of copiers, which photos are contained in a separate module – dram- June.

      OPC drum design and operation

      Structurally, the photogallery looks like a hollow aluminum tube or cylinder with a varnished photoconductive coating, equipped with plastic gears on the sides. The drum unit has a static electrical charge, which repels the toner powder.

      Then the surface of the drum is illuminated with light and charged with the opposite sign., as a result, toner particles begin to attract, on the contrary, and stick to the surface. When rolling on paper, the drum is charging at the same time. Therefore, toner remains in one part of the sheet., and in others not. This is how text or an image is formed on the drum., which are transferred to a sheet of paper.

      replacing the drum unit in a cartridge

      Causes of problems with the drum unit

      Normal wear and tear. Change the drum unit every few times, after the appearance of longitudinal stripes or repeating black spots on the sheet.

      Paper quality and conditions. First of all, on the type of paper used for printing, as well as the type of toner, print mode, direct sunlight, room temperature and humidity.

      Dropping debris into the printer. In particular, users themselves contribute to the reduction of drum life due to small parts falling into the printer due to their own inattention.. Therefore, before starting to print, you must observe, so that various buttons do not fall into the copier along with the paper, paper clips, wool and others.
      Printing one page at a time leads to a halving of the service life. The actual number of pages printed with a single drum unit varies depending on the conditions of use.. Under standard printing conditions (by 3 pages), the service life of the A4 paper drum is about 30 thous. pages.
      Evidence that, that the fotoval has become unusable, damage to the upper glossy photoconductive layer, which leads to a faint and dull print, the appearance of black longitudinal stripes or spots or the appearance of other defects. As wear progresses, more and more black bars will appear, they will become solid and more pronounced, predominantly along the side edges of the paper.

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