Customers often ask a question straight away: “How much does it cost to refill a cartridge?”. It is impossible to answer it unequivocally., as the cost of refueling varies as from the model of the device, and from the model of the printing consumable. All worn-out elements of the device will be replaced with new ones. From these parameters, an indicator of the cost of refueling a cartridge is added. Leave a request, and service center manager “Fullcartridge” will conduct a free consultation on the technical component of the refueling issue, and by price range.

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    How much does it cost to refill a cartridge

    Each consumable has its own volume. To a large extent, this depends on the characteristics of the printer itself.. Due to the different volume, a different amount of toner is required to completely restore the printing properties of the device.. We set our minimum prices for models, which at full volume print up to 800 pages. A larger volume is paid additionally.

    How is the order:

    We carry out work both in our workshop and on the road

    What do we use in our work

    Finding a wizard to restore a laser printer is time-consuming – and from the model of the printing consumable, in which a cartridge for a laser printer of any model will be refilled. Service center employees will complete the work in a short time, and you will be able to make the necessary printing on your device again. In any situation, we use only high quality toner in our work., which will make the printing of documents and photos clear. If there are other defects in your printing equipment – possible options for their elimination will be proposed. Let's find the simplest, and less costly ways to repair certain parts of the printing equipment.

    The advantages of our company:

    • Execution speed. Most orders are completed on the day of order
    • Free diagnostics
    • We do the absence of marriage the first time well and efficiently
    • The staff are nice and polite
    • Continuous trainings improve the qualifications of employees
    • Quality assurance

    Serviced device brands

    The cost of refilling a cartridge for a laser printer directly depends on its manufacturer. Our company is ready to take on the update of devices from the following manufacturers:

    • Canon;
    • Samsung;
    • HP;
    • Xerox;
    • Lexmark;
    • Brother;
    • and from the model of the printing consumable.

    Updating the health of the printing equipment

    Our experts provide a service, as in your service center, and on leaving home or office. The speed of work is minimal, therefore your workflow will not be interrupted for a long time. The work performed is covered by a guarantee, and the print quality will be checked in front of you. This will allow you to immediately make sure that our company is fulfilling its obligations in good faith., and from the model of the printing consumable. A Fullcartridge specialist carefully cleans the working toner cartridge, which is already considered fulfilled. After a visual inspection of the device for damage, the work process begins.

    For, to find out how much it costs to refuel the printer – call our company or leave a request in the feedback form, and our employees will contact you on their own. Positive experience of cooperation is provided.

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