If your cartridge needs refilling, and the printer – repairs, The staff of the filling organization will help you “Fullcartridge”, where they provide professional service for office equipment throughout Kiev.

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    Here are some proofs for you., why it is worth ordering a service from us “refilling cartridges on the Druzhby Narodov metro station”:
    1. Many years of experience in the field of office equipment maintenance and high professionalism of the staff allows us to provide high-quality and prompt services for refueling and restoration of cartridges.
    2. We carry out refueling more than 400 types of cartridges for laser printers of famous world brands.
    3. The client can call a qualified foreman or courier to his office or home, or bring the laser cartridge to our workshop yourself.
    4. Possibility of concluding a contract.
    5. Fast response to requests and shortest lead times.
    In addition to refueling services, employees “Fullcartridge” perform such types of work: prevention, restoration of cartridges, repair of printing devices, laser printer firmware, zeroing, clearing, replacing the drum unit in a cartridge, etc..

    How is the order:

    We carry out work both in our workshop and on the road

    Refueling cartridges on the Druzhby Narodov metro station

    After a certain amount of time has passed, the toner in the hopper will inevitably be used up. However, do not rush to throw away the empty cartridge.. Refueling printers on the Druzhby Narodov metro station is the best alternative to constant purchases of original cartridges for the simple reason, that new cartridges are significantly expensive.
    We do not save on our clients, therefore we only put in high-quality toner, which we have been using for refilling cartridges for more than a year. Experts on site or at the service center will carry out the refueling and immediately check the print quality after completion of the operation, to insure, that everything went smoothly. Then you just have to pay for the service and continue to use the printing equipment as usual..

    The advantages of our company:

    Affordable cost of work

    Thanks to the services of our company, You will significantly reduce your printing costs and can count on first-class service at very attractive prices.. The cost of the visit of the master for refilling the cartridge – 50 UAH, this service will cost you nothing near our workshops. Diagnostics are not charged for printer repair. Payment is accepted as cash, and by cashless.

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