You are out of ink in the cartridge and want to, so that the refueling of cartridges at Obolonskiy Lipki was carried out by experienced specialists, not amateurs? We can offer you the services of a service center “Fullcartridge”. Our profile – this is a gas station, restoration and repair of laser printing devices with the provision of a service guarantee.

Order service:

    Key benefits of the workshop:

    • We provide quality services for residents of all neighborhoods and residential areas of Kiev.
    • We serve on an ongoing basis for more than 1200 office equipment users, Besides, favorable terms of cooperation allow you to constantly attract new customers.
    • We process orders on all days of the week without weekends and holidays.
    • We immediately arrive at the customer's home or office at that time, which was agreed upon when ordering.
    • We provide the opportunity to conclude a contract.

    Additionally, our service center provides such services, how to repair and firmware printers, MFP and other computer equipment, sale and restoration of cartridges, partial or complete replacement of damaged elements of the printing apparatus (replacing the drum unit in a cartridge).

    The advantages of our company:

    Refueling of cartridges at Obolonsky Lipki

    Our specialists arrive at the customer's address without delay and on the spot make refueling as quickly and efficiently as possible.. Moreover, at the request of the client, we can fill the cartridge in our workshop. The client makes a choice based on his own capabilities and needs, while the cost of this service remains unchanged.
    What is the service “refueling printers at Obolonskiy Lipki”:

    • Visual inspection of the condition of the cartridge.
    • Extremely neat disassembly.
    • Removing excess toner.
    • Filling in the new branded dye powder.
    • Treatment of mechanical elements with special grease.
    • Assembly.
    • Test printing on paper.

    How is the order:

    We carry out work both in our workshop and on the road

    The best prices

    One of the clear advantages of the company “Fullcartridge” are quite low prices, at the same time, the provided service always corresponds to the quality. The cost of refueling and restoring laser cartridges in our company will pleasantly surprise every client.
    When ordering a service, the wizard will diagnose the device for free. The calculation is carried out in two ways: cash or bank transfer. Payment is made only after the fact of the work.

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