The printer is broken or you need to refill cartridges on the Teatralnaya metro station? Order services in the service center on time “Fullcartridge”, so that the breakdown of office equipment does not disrupt the usual rhythm of your company.

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    The advantages of our company:
    1. Our cartridge refill technology takes about 15-20 minutes.
    2. The main part of orders is executed on the day of receipt.
    3. We refill cartridges quickly and efficiently the first time.
    4. work experience 15 years.
    5. We carry out refueling more than 400 cartridge models.
    We carry out repair and refueling of cartridges for laser monochrome and color printers of various brands: Xerox, Panasonic, Brother, Samsung, Canon, HP and others.
    All work can be done in our workshop, either on the road. In the interval from 30 min to one o'clock the master will arrive at the specified address, to place an order at your home or office. Due to the fact, that we are located in your area, the work will be done on the day of the request, the first time and without marriage. The advantage of our service is the possibility of concluding a contract for the maintenance of equipment.

    We can also offer other services:

    – MFP repair, printers and other office equipment;
    – printer firmware;
    – sale of original equipment.

    How is the order:

    We carry out work both in our workshop and on the road

    Refilling cartridges on the Teatralnaya metro station

    Masters have the ability to refuel more 400 models of cartridges and refills exclusively with high quality toner, which guarantees one hundred percent print quality and reusability of the cartridges we refilled. Through the use of a special filling technology, this procedure takes 15 minutes.
    Standard refueling of printers on the Teatralnaya metro station is carried out in stages:
    1. Diagnosing and checking the condition of the machine.
    2. Complete cleaning of the internal parts of the cartridge from waste toner particles.
    3. Refilling process with compatible toner cartridge.
    4. Testing the print quality of the device.

    The advantages of our company:

    Repair of printers on the Teatralnaya metro station

    Thanks to knowledge of all the intricacies of repair, our specialists will be able to cope with all the tasks assigned to them.
    Repair of printers on the Teatralnaya metro station is carried out in a specially equipped workshop using high-quality spare parts and consumables. The repairs carried out by our masters begin with diagnostics and identification of weak points in the functioning of the printing device.. Professional printer refurbishment is not only about replacing damaged and worn parts (replacing the drum unit in a cartridge), but also implies the implementation of technical and preventive procedures in order to prevent such breakdowns in the future.

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    Payment for services rendered

    Our clients pay only for the amount of work done and the materials used for the repair., which can significantly reduce costs.
    The amount of refueling a cartridge on the Teatralnaya metro station – from 200 UAH. Repair of office equipment will cost from 350 UAH and above. Departure of our master to the customer in total 50 UAH. There is no need to pay for the visits of a specialist in the area of ​​the Teatralnaya metro station and diagnostics with subsequent maintenance of equipment. We provide all services for cash and bank transfer without prepayment.
    In order to save your budget, there is a loyalty program, assuming the possibility of refilling cartridges in bulk and favorable terms of cooperation on an ongoing basis.

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